Our Mission

Water Central Ltd. is committed to doing business responsibly. In doing so we aspire to be the Leader and Water Supplier of choice through:
- Offering and providing competitive pricing, the highest quality water    
   and products available.
- Commitment to an exceptional service experience for all of our current   

   and future customers
Customer Satisfaction is our guarantee!'

Recognizing the frail state of water resources in and around the vicinity of our service area, Water Central Ltd. will  always  provide quality, service and education to the public as our mandate.  We want everyone to drink, shower and cook in the best available health promoting water.  Become a family member through trust, value, and application of the facts. Take Care……….Naturally! 
Water Central Ltd.

Company Profile

F.Y.I.....We Have

Water Central Ltd. has provided Quality Water Purification to the Guelph and surrounding area for more than 15 years.  Recently, we have branched out to expand our services through a partnership with Clear Life Water Incorporated.  We now provide alkalized water formulated in the store and available for customers to fill their own bottles along with our provision of water enhancing liquid supplements. 
Our continued growth of in store health products…i.e Hemp, Goji, Liposomal Vitamins, Probiotics, to mention a few,  are all part of the shopping experience once you arrive.  We are informative and continue to keep up to date with health trends and water purification standards.  We are always open to our customers needs and value your input. 

About us

Our Vision

Water Central Ltd.


Founded: 1998
Owned by:
Mike Barton                          


Areas of expertise: 
Water purification and Health Supplements.

Water Plans
We carry a variety of water plans that reduce the regular cost of all our water types.

Alkalized...Distilled...Reverse Osmosis...Re-Mineralized...Spring Water... Deionized
All these are Bottled or You Fill in-store and delivered upon request. Our purification systems are tested regularly. It's our business not our sideline.

Filtration Systems
Let us provide you with the right equipment for the right price...

Supplements Plus
Liquid mineral supplements and a variety of popular dry products can be purchased in store or delivered! New products arrive regularly.

Authorized Ecowater™ Representative
Please see our Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis pages for a complete list of options.